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Item #: 47-SH0070
Shure UA845UWB 5-Way Antenna/Power Distro
The Shure Model UA845UWB Antenna Distribution System allows four receivers to use the same set of antennas. The cascade connectors allow connections to a fifth receiver or a second UA845UWB. There are also power connectors for distributing power to each receiver. RF signal amplification compensates for insertion loss from splitting the antenna input to multiple outputs. A button on the front panel switches between one of five frequency bands from 174 to 1805MHz.

UA845UWB Band Selection on the Front Panel

  • 174 – 216 MHz
  • 470 – 960 MHz
  • 1240 – 1260 MHz
  • 1492 – 1525 MHz
  • 1785 – 1805 MHz


  • 5 selectable frequency ranges
  • Antenna A and B input overload LED indicators
  • Five-way RF signal output
  • Support Axient Digital, QLX-D®, ULX®, ULX-D®, SLX®, and BLX® (BLX4R only) receivers
  • Front-mounting antenna hardware
  • Rack-mounting hardware
  • Internal power supply
  • 4 DC power feeds for receivers (15V, 2.5A max)
  • DC outputs for antenna bias (12V, 300mA max)

UA845UWB models include:

  • 1 UA845UWB Antenna/Power Distribution System
  • 4 Locking DC power cables (for ULXD4, ULXP4)
  • 4 Non-locking DC power cables (QLXD4, SLX4, BLX4R)
  • Ten 22 in. BNC cables
  • Two 6 ft. BNC cables
  • 2 Bulkhead adaptors
  • 1 AC Power Cable (IEC power)
  • 1 Pig-tail AC Cable (for the second UA845UWB or UR4, ULXD4D, ULXD4Q, AD4D, AD4Q receiver)
  • 1 Rack mount Hardware kit
  • 1 Literature Package

Warning Triangle WARNING For California Residents - Prop 65

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Product Documentation

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