Good Morning

New Stuff at BMI Supply!

We are pleased to offer a selection of items that are fresh off the development tables from our innovative manufacturers, along with some items that may have been around awhile but are new to our store.

Want something added to our lineup?  Send us a note or hit up the Live Chat link above.

Cleaning & Safety

Item #: 72-41001
ADK Hand & Surface Sanitizer, 2oz Spray (10-pack)
Your Price $33.25/Pack
Item #: 72-41003
ADK Hand & Surface Sanitizer, 16oz Spray
Your Price $11.99/Each
Item #: 72-41004
ADK Hand & Surface Sanitizer, Gallon
Your Price $37.50/Gallon
Item #: 72-41006
ADK Hand & Surface Sanitizer, 5-Gallon
Your Price $173.75/5-Gallon
Item #: 72-22001
Blizzard KN95 Protective Mask
Your Price $3.55/Each
Item #: 25-110108
Setwear Filtration Mask #MSK-05-100
Your Price $15.50/Each
Item #: 08-3SD0001
Pro 4000 6"x10" Distancing Signs 20/roll
Your Price $17.50/Roll
Item #: 08-3SD0002
Pro Gaff "Please Stand Here" Tape, 3" Flo Yellow
Your Price $24.75/Roll
Item #: 08-3SD0003
Pro 4000 "Cleaned & Sanitized" Tape 100/roll
Your Price $12.95/Roll
Item #: 08-3SD0004
Pro 1502 Double Coated Medical Tape 12mm x 20'
Your Price $4.95/Roll

Scenic Painting

Item #: 55-1BK01
BMI Student Brush Kit - ALPHA
Your Price $69.75/Kit
Item #: 54-19SS01
Rosco Scenic Set - Warm Primaries - OB
Your Price $35.75/Each
Item #: 54-19SS02
Rosco Scenic Set - Cool Primaries - OB
Your Price $35.75/Each
Item #: 54-19SS03
Rosco Scenic Set - Intense Primaries - OB
Your Price $35.75/Each
Item #: 54-19SS04
Rosco Scenic Set - Earth & Wood - OB
Your Price $35.75/Each
Item #: 54-19SS05
Rosco Scenic Set - Skies - OB
Your Price $35.75/Each
Item #: 54-19SS06
Rosco Scenic Set - Foliage - OB
Your Price $35.75/Each
Item #: 54-19SS07
Rosco Scenic Set - Shade & Shadows - OB
Your Price $35.75/Each
Item #: 54-19SS08
Rosco Scenic Set – Clear Layers
Your Price $35.75/Each

Lighting Software and Gadgets

Item #: 36-E70002
City Theatrical RadioScan Spectrum Analyzer
Your Price $323.00/Each
Item #: 44-148
Obsidian NX DMX for Education
Your Price $199.00/Each

Lighting Fixtures

Item #: 67-80278
ETC Source 4WRD Color, retrofit kit, black
Your Price $559.20/Each
Item #: 67-80262
ETC Colorsource Spot Jr, Deep Blue, Black
Your Price $880.00/Each
Item #: 67-80260
ETC Colorsource Spot Jr, Original, Black
Your Price $880.00/Each
Item #: 39-D1022
CHAUVET Maverick Silens 2 Profile
Your Price $8,999.99/Each
Item #: 67-80281
ETC fos/4 Fresnel, 7", Lustr X8, ETL
Your Price $3,040.00/Each
Item #: 67-80282
ETC fos/4 Fresnel, 7", Daylight HDR, ETL
Your Price $3,040.00/Each

Audio Gear

Item #: 47-SH0198
Shure DURAPLEX Lav Mic, Omni, MTQG (TA4F)
Your Price $299.00/Each
Item #: 47-SH0197
Shure DURAPLEX Lav Mic, Omni, LEMO
Your Price $319.00/Each
Item #: 47-SH0196
Shure DURAPLEX Headset Mic, Omni, MTQG (TA4F)
Your Price $399.00/Each
Item #: 47-SH0195
Shure DURAPLEX Headset Mic, Omni, LEMO
Your Price $419.00/Each