Good Morning

New Stuff at BMI Supply!

We are pleased to offer a selection of items that are fresh off the development tables from our innovative manufacturers, along with some items that may have been around awhile but are new to our store.

Want something added to our lineup?  Send us a note or hit up the Live Chat link above.

Lighting Fixtures

Item #: 67-C0121
CHAUVET Ovation Cyc 1 FC
Your Price $899.99/Each
Item #: 39-21012
SolaFrame 1000 High CRI engine in Molded Insert
Your Price $11,050.00/Each
Item #: 39-21009
SolaFrame 1000 Ultra-Bright in Molded Insert
Your Price $10,600.00/Each
Item #: 39-D1002
CHAUVET Maverick MK3 Spot
Your Price $10,199.99/Each
Item #: 67-C0117
CHAUVET COLORado Solo Batten 4
Your Price $1,298.99/Each
Item #: 39-71017
Robe ROBIN T1 Profile
Your Price $9,953.21/Each
Item #: 39-A1014
Ayrton Ghibli-S 600W LED Profile
Your Price $10,336.10/Each
Item #: 42-110006
Altman LED Followspot #AFS-500-B
Your Price $3,040.00/Each
Item #: 42-110007
Altman LED Followspot #AFS-700-B
Your Price $4,000.00/Each

Miscellaneous Gear!

Item #: 67-60036
Rosco MIXBOOK Digital Swatchbook w/ Pouch
Sale Price $94.00/Each
Item #: 25-400001
Disposable Foam Earplugs, 32dB, 50-Pair Container
Your Price $10.88/Each
Item #: 25-390001
Mic Tape, 3M Transpore, Clear 1"x10yds 2-Pack
Your Price $4.50/Pack
Item #: 04-PC001
Pipe Cat Drapery Hanger
Sale Price $8.75/Each
Item #: 25-360006
NEBO "Old Red" Battery Operated LED Lantern
Your Price $18.55/Each


Item #: 53-T0PMC900M
MicroCom 900MHz Single Channel Beltpack
Your Price $360.00/Each
Item #: 53-TCUSB5CHG
MicroCom 5-port USB Charger
Your Price $61.43/Each
Item #: 53-TCSFTCASE
MicroCom Soft Case for 5 Beltpacks + Accessories
Your Price $85.05/Each
Item #: 53-TSB110EDM
MicroCom Single Ear Standard Headset
Your Price $276.00/Each
Item #: 53-TSB11LEDM
MicroCom Single Ear Lightweight Headset
Your Price $138.00/Each