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dot2 by MA Lighting

dot2 is MA Lighting's offering for smaller and mid-size lighting projects and venues. dot2 is easy to operate, powerful, and flexible. Learn more using the product links below!

Item #: 45-191001
dot2 Core Console
Your Price $10,368.00/Each
Item #: 45-191003
dot2 XL-B Console
Your Price $13,365.00/Each
Item #: 45-191002
dot2 XL-F Console
Your Price $13,365.00/Each
Item #: 45-197002
dot2 B-Wing
Your Price $3,969.00/Each
Item #: 45-197001
dot2 F-Wing
Your Price $3,969.00/Each
Item #: 36-D90003
dot2 Node4 1K-1
Your Price $1,741.50/Each

MA onPC Lighting Control

Below are some of the powerful tools associated with the free onPC grandMA2 control software. For the cost of just one (1) 2-port node and your own computer, you can be up and running with grandMA2.  Command wing and fader wing offer additional hands-on control for a fraction of the price and footprint of full size grandMA consoles.

You can download the free onPC software here.

Item #: 45-194001
MA grandMA2 onPC Command Wing
Your Price $5,872.50/Each
Item #: 45-194002
MA grandMA2 onPC Fader Wing
Your Price $4,374.00/Each
Item #: 36-D90002
MA grandMA3 onPC 2Port Node 2K
Your Price $1,863.00/Each