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ETC Desire D22 Lustr+ Portable

The Selador Desire D22™ Lustr+ LED luminaire may be small, but it packs a punch. With 22 Luxeon® Rebel LED emitters, the budget-friendly D22 offers efficient ETC Desire®-quality lighting in a small eight-inch footprint weighing less than seven pounds.

Tapping into the power of the x7 Color System™, which combines up to seven LED colors onto one unit, the D22 Lustr+ LED array offers nearly limitless color possibilities, from adjustable whites and subtle tints to vibrant, bold colors sure to make an impact in any installation. The D22 also features a user interface that lets you customize its functionality to fit any lighting task. RDM capability means you can adjust the luminaire’s settings from any RDM controller, such as an ETC lighting desk. Or the D22’s Stand Alone mode lets you recall up to 32 presets and one sequence from the user interface, without the use of a control console.

The D22 can be used wherever larger fixtures can’t go, providing professional-quality wash lighting for art galleries, lobbies, museums and beyond.


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