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Item #: 04-PC001
Pipe Cat Drapery Hanger
PIPE CAT is the ingenious new solution to hang soft goods quickly and easily from a pipe batten. The bottom piece clips through the grommets at the top of the curtain, while the top piece is simply pushed up onto the batten so the “ears” clip around the pipe. When weight is applied to the bottom section of the PIPE CAT, it holds on tighter, while if pressure is applied to the grip section underneath the pipe, the PIPE CAT easily pulls away from the pipe. Its rotating bottom piece allows curtains to be hung with tied in fullness, by clipping two grommets together. With PIPE CAT, swapping out soft goods on stage is a breeze.
  • For pipe battens: Ø max. 2"
  • Static Working Load: 44 lbs
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