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All artists need a way to experiment and hone their craft. That’s the purpose of Rosco Scenic Sets. Working with a panel of professional scenic artists and professors, this range of practice kits was developed to provide colors and materials for painters to test and explore different scenic techniques. Each Scenic Set contains four 6 oz. jars of Rosco scenic paint or coating materials that scenic artists can use to practice color mixing, experiment with washes & glazes, or create different scenic treatments like skies, dirt and foliage.

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Item #: 54-19SS01
Rosco Scenic Set - Warm Primaries - OB
Your Price $35.75/Each
Item #: 54-19SS02
Rosco Scenic Set - Cool Primaries - OB
Your Price $35.75/Each
Item #: 54-19SS03
Rosco Scenic Set - Intense Primaries - OB
Your Price $35.75/Each
Item #: 54-19SS04
Rosco Scenic Set - Earth & Wood - OB
Your Price $35.75/Each
Item #: 54-19SS05
Rosco Scenic Set - Skies - OB
Your Price $35.75/Each
Item #: 54-19SS06
Rosco Scenic Set - Foliage - OB
Your Price $35.75/Each
Item #: 54-19SS07
Rosco Scenic Set - Shade & Shadows - OB
Your Price $35.75/Each
Item #: 54-19SS08
Rosco Scenic Set – Clear Layers
Your Price $35.75/Each