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Long Throw Followspots

We feature a handful of common followspots below, but also have a broad selection of "price on request" followspots by Strong, Robert Juliat, and Lycian.  If you are looking for a price on a particular model, please feel free to contact your sales manager via email!


Item #: 42-110007
Altman LED Followspot #AFS-700-B
Your Price $4,000.00/Each

Canto USA

Item #: 42-510005
Canto 1200 MSR Follow Spot
Your Price $4,622.75/Each
Item #: 42-910009
Canto 1500 FF Followspot
Your Price $6,276.42/Each
Item #: 42-910010
Canto 2000 FF Followspot
Your Price $7,178.41/Each


Item #: 42-310021
Lycian ZOT 15 - 1500W Discharge
Your Price $4,617.00/Each
Item #: 42-310023
Lycian SuperStar LED - 600w LED Followspot #1280
Your Price $6,336.00/Each
Item #: 42-310006
Lycian 1266 SuperArc 400 Standard Throw
Your Price $7,832.00/Each
Item #: 42-310007
Lycian 1267 SuperArc 400 Long Throw
Your Price $8,360.00/Each
Item #: 42-310012
Lycian 1275 SuperStar 1.2k
Your Price $9,768.00/Each

Robert Juliat

Item #: 42-710002
Robert Juliat Topaze (110V)
Your Price $7,178.00/Each
Item #: 42-710010
Robert Juliat Lucy Followspot (110V)
Your Price $9,700.00/Each

Strong / Phoebus

Item #: 42-410003
Phoebus i-Marc 850 Followspot
Your Price $5,854.28/Each
Item #: 42-410006
Phoebus Ultra Arc Titan Long Throw 120V w/Stand
Your Price $8,972.78/Each