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BMI Supply is proud to be the first distributor for the Entertainment Industry!  We met up with the team behind GaffGun back in the fall of 2014 and were immediately impressed with the product. The GaffGun, along with the special CoreLok tapes, makes taping down cables and other floor taping tasks a breeze. Save considerable time and effort with the GaffGun!

Click on the video links below to see the GaffGun in action!

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GaffGun Bundles
Various iterations of the GaffGun and accessories to suit your needs...

The GaffGun Bundle
Item # 25-290001
The GaffGun PRO Bundle
Item # 25-290003
The GaffGun Platinum Bundle
Item # 25-290004
Pro-Gaffers Tape w/CoreLok Core for GaffGun:
This is classic Pro-Gaff tape on the GaffTech CoreLok core.  This special core is specifically designed for the GaffGun, keeping the tape centered and under proper tension.  Dry-channel tape (aka Cable Path tape) has a no-adhesive zone down the middle of the tape.

GaffGun GT PRO 2" x 55 yds Black
Item # 08-3G102BK
GaffGun GT PRO 3" x 55 yds Black
Item # 08-3G103BK
GaffGun GT PRO Dry Ch. 2" x 55 yds Black
Item # 08-3G202BK
GaffGun GT PRO Dry Ch. 3" x 55 yds Black
Item # 08-3G203BK