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DMX Note: All items below have DMX-512 as a control protocol (with perhaps others). If you need a NON-DMX (e.g. Lightronics Multiplex - LMX) version of a Lightronics dimmer pack, please give us a call at 800.836.0524.

Item #: 46-23003
Lightronics AS40D, 600w x 4ch, DMX
Your Price $300.00/Each
Item #: 46-23004
Lightronics AS40M, 600w x 4ch, DMX
Your Price $315.00/Each
Item #: 46-23006
Lightronics AS42D, 1200w x 4ch, DMX/LMX
Your Price $450.00/Each
Item #: 46-23015
Lightronics AS42DC, 4x1.2kW, DMX/LMX, Cir Brkr
Your Price $554.25/Each
Item #: 46-23010
Lightronics AS62D - 1200w x 6ch DMX/LMX
Your Price $554.25/Each
Item #: 46-23012
Lightronics AS62DC Dimmer Pack
Your Price $693.75/Each
Item #: 46-23007
Lightronics DB612 1200w x 6ch, w/Edison
Your Price $1,499.25/Each