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DMX Note:
All items below have DMX-512 as a control protocol (with perhaps others). If you need a NON-DMX (e.g. Microplex) version of a Leviton dimmer pack, please give us a call at 800.836.0524.

Item #: 46-43008
Leviton NSI D4DMX-MD5 Dimmer Pack
Your Price $183.74/Each
Item #: 46-43009
Leviton NSI D4DMX-MD3 Dimmer Pack
Your Price $183.74/Each
Item #: 46-43010
Leviton NSI 4x1.2Kw Dimmer DDS 6000 DMX-D20
Your Price $586.36/Each
Item #: 46-44020
Leviton NSI 12x1.2Kw Dimmer DS12-12E
Your Price $2,409.54/Each
Item #: 46-44021
Leviton NSI 12x2.4kW Dimmer DS12-24-SP
Your Price $2,802.52/Each