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ETC Desire D60 Vivid LED Fixture

The D60 fixture is the brightest variant in the Desire™ LED luminaire family. Sixty energy-saving LED emitters are combined onto each D60 fixture to provide powerful, high-intensity output. This round, PAR-shaped washlight is ideal for the stage, studio and anywhere brightness and color flexibility are required. The D60 luminaire can be controlled from a DMX-enabled controller or run on its own by selecting the Stand Alone Mode on the unit.

The Desire D60 luminaire combines its Luxeon emitters with the x7 Color System™ platform for the brightest, most colorful light available from an LED. Unlike other LEDs that use only three or four shades, the x7 luminaires blend up to seven LED hues to provide a nearly unlimited number of color mixes. And you get even more options from the Adaptive Control System built into each Desire D60 fixture. You select the DMX profile – Calibrated HSI, Calibrated RGB, Calibrated HSIC, Studio, or Direct – and your luminaire will adapt its color and functionality to each application. You have additional control with the Plus 7 setting – which allows you to tweak each LED color individually – and the fixture’s Red Shift function, which imitates the fade of a tungsten source.

Desire D60 Vivid luminaires pair the brightest LED emitters with the most vibrant color range. No other LED on the market can produce such spectrally balanced saturated light.

Product Features:

  • 60 x 2.5W LED color-mixing wash fixture
  • UL 1573-rated for stage and studio use
  • Power and DMX in/thru connections for easy setup
  • User-friendly control interface
  • Easy-access slots for secondary lenses
  • Primary field angle of 17°
  • Secondary lenses available
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