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Item #: 67-30001
Altman Spectra Cyc 100 LED Wash, Black
The Spectra Cyc is a 100 Watt cyclorama wall wash luminaire utilizing red, green, blue and amber LED emitters. Designed for theatrical and architectural applications, the Spectra Cyc blends colors via a patented LED lens which reduces pixelization from direct view. The on-board power supply allows for direct power & data input which can be daisy chained thru 8 units. Designed for use on 8’ centers maximum, individual units can be linked side by side for greater saturation of light. The Spectra Cyc is compatible with both DMX and RDM protocols, and comes complete with a library of pre-programmed single colors to various color mixes. Units are made for floor or Sky-Cyc applications.
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