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Item #: 47-00B3SL
Countryman B3 Lav Mic ("SL" / Shure TA4F)
The Countryman B3 is a very small omnidirectional lavalier microphone that withstands moisture, perspiration, and makeup (it will even survive an overnight bath in your favorite cola beverage). The body/hair mic used by the pros, the B3 offers superior low handling noise, wide frequency response, and can handle the highest sound levels. Operates with any wireless transmitter that can supply microphone power.

Comes with carrying case, tie clip, wind screen, and connector.

Item Options Key:
4 = Standard sensitivity, for most uses
5 = Low sensitivity, for heading miking in theatre
L = Light beige
T = Tan
C = Cocoa
B = Black
W = White
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