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Item #: 38-110006
ETC S4 5º Fixture - #405
The Source Four high performance ellipsoidal spotlights provide improved optical performance. The Source Four uses a high efficiency, compact filament lamp; the HPL375, 575, or 750. It delivers a flatter, more intense field while burning at all these watts. The molded borosilicate reflector is coated with dichroic layers which allows 95% of visible light to be reflected, yet 90% of infrared light (heat producing) is transmitted through the reflector. The body is constructed of die cast aluminum with a high temp black, paint. Because the body and lens tubes are modular, you can change a 19° fixture to a 50° fixture by just switching lens tubes. The rotating gate and shutter assembly allows fast alignment of patterns. Supplied with color frame and C-clamp. 
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Other sizes available:
ETC S4 50º Fixture - #450 38-110001 $616.00/Each
ETC S4 36º Fixture - #436 38-110002 $616.00/Each
ETC S4 26º Fixture - #426 38-110003 $616.00/Each
ETC S4 19º Fixture - #419 38-110004 $616.00/Each
ETC S4 10º Fixture - #410 38-110005 $860.00/Each
ETC S4 70° Fixture - #470 38-110028 $828.00/Each
ETC S4 14° Fixture - #414 38-110030 $828.00/Each
ETC S4 90° Fixture - #490 38-110031 $828.00/Each

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