March 2020 at BMI Supply

by Steve Roudebush | Mar 17, 2020

Hi Everyone!

Well, now is as good of a time as any to get back to our long-neglected BMI blog.  It certainly has been an unprecedented past few weeks, and we will have many challenging weeks ahead across numerous industries.  Given the resourcefulness and passion of tech theatre & event production personnel, we are confident everyone will persevere in the end.

All of us at BMI Supply hope you and yours are staying safe & smart.  We are focused on taking care of our team here, juggling individual work & family needs as best we can. Our team remains at the ready should you need anything. We are available to chat up future projects, discuss new products, schedule demo fixtures, track down replacement parts...or heck, even to just say hello and talk about whatever.

We are bringing internal projects to the forefront while this downturn in regular activity persists.  Some of it is pretty boring (accounting stuff), some of it may be interesting (new products for the website!). We will aim to keep you posted (well, at least about the semi-interesting stuff).

Try to have a good week everyone.  Take care of each other.

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